My Campaign Is Gaining Momentum

Good News!

I now have an enthusiastic Campaign Manager, with high level national political contacts, to run my 2018 campaign for U.S. Senator from Texas. His efforts in the past week alone have given me great confidence that he is the right man for the job.

He crafted a catchy campaign slogan, which I like very much: "McNeil is the Real Deal!"

He also put me in touch with a digital newspaper publishing team who will help introduce me and my policies to folks in every major city and county in Texas. We've been working together to finalize the format and will be ready to launch in a matter of days.

I recently created a DBA called "Friends of Bob McNeil", which will be the fundraising organization for my campaign. With the DBA, I set up a bank account specifically for that purpose.

Due to State and Federal campaign laws, however, I cannot, as the candidate, be anywhere near the campaign funds. So, I am asking at least three trustworthy people to volunteer to create a non-profit corporation here in Texas called "Friends of Bob McNeil" and serve on the Board of Directors to oversee the receipt and disbursement of the funds.

Surely, there are three patriots willing to spare a few hours per month to restore liberty and prosperity to Texas...and America.

Finally, I am looking for people to volunteer their time (my retiree friends??) and serve as "McNeil's Social Media Warriors" to help spread my campaign message all across Texas. For those interested, I will put you in touch with my Campaign Manager, who will teach you how.

There ARE real solutions to the problems that have plagued our country for decades. But, it is clear that We the People cannot count on the Democrats and Republicans (the UniParty) to solve them.

But, you can count on me.

This is a serious effort that is gaining momentum.

Please support my candidacy with your time, money and your vote.

In liberty,

Bob McNeil
2018 U.S. Senate Candidate from Texas
21st Century American Revolutionary
Founder/President - American Citizen Party