Volunteer to Edit One of Several Digital Newspapers

It is important for everyone to understand that liberty and prosperity for you, your family, and future generations of Americans can only occur if you take ACTION.

Simply "liking" a Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn post, while appreciated, is not enough.

One of the actions you can take is to volunteer 30 minutes of your time, per day, to become an editor of one of several digital newspapers my campaign team has created to spread the word, generate traffic, and, ultimately, begin the inflow of campaign contributions, which will result in a successful election in 2018.

Here is the message I received from my campaign team today:


Bob, the nine papers need to have editors so that content is focused on us. Get your volunteers engaged and committed to being an editor. Please do so now.... today. Each editor will be trained and be able to create 9 additional papers. We need them for every county and city in the state. We will train when you have five volunteers. They need internet basics, but, we can teach the rest. ASAP - Stephen

https://paper.li/e-1511868938#/ Texas

https://paper.li/e-1512329974#/ Arlington

https://paper.li/e-1512347610#/ Corpus

https://paper.li/e-1511960636#/ Dallas

https://paper.li/e-1512151372#/ El Paso

https://paper.li/e-1511963901#/ FT Worth

https://paper.li/e-1511965438#/ Houston

https://paper.li/e-1512029890#/ San Antonio

https://paper.li/e-1512129873#/ State Capitol Austin


Anyone with basic internet skills and a desire to be part of a revolutionary campaign, please contact me.

Thank you.

In liberty,

Bob McNeil
2018 U.S. Senate Candidate from Texas
21st Century American Revolutionary
Founder/President - American Citizen Party