Welcome to My Senate Candidacy

My fellow Texans, and fellow Americans. My name is Bob McNeil and I am the 2018 American Citizen Party candidate for U.S. Senator from Texas.

After working night and day for the past few weeks creating its content, I am pleased to welcome you to my website. Please feel free to click on each of the menu items at the top of the Home page to learn why I believe I am exceptionally qualified to serve you in the U.S. Senate and how you can help change your future for the better.

This is just the beginning of a long campaign whose primary purpose is to restore liberty and prosperity to ALL Americans by abolishing the complex, corrupt and unfair corporate and individual income taxes that have been used by the Federal government to confiscate our wealth and keep us in a state of fear for more than 100 years.

Now, some of you may be wondering "How will the government be funded after that?" Well, the answer is simple, but, seems to have escaped Congress, the President and some of the greatest minds in the country.

The government will be funded by using the "indirect" and "direct" taxing methods that the Founding Fathers wrote into the Constitution in Article I, Section 8 and Article I Section 9. I will explain those methods further in a future blog, but, for now, I will just say that these methods are alive and well, and available for our use here in the 21st century.

To accomplish this task, I have written the "Economic Freedom Act", a comprehensive piece of legislation that repeals a number of laws passed by Congress since the early 1900s. I plan to introduce this legislation on the floor of the Senate after my election.

To support me in this quest, I ask you to do the following:

Click the SUBSCRIBE button on the website and enter your name and email address to receive my blogs, event notices and other updates.

SHARE my website URL to all of your social media outlets.

FOLLOW me on Twitter: @RealBobMcNeil and be sure to "Like" and retweet my tweets, and encourage your friends to do the same.

FACEBOOK: I will soon have a Facebook page, but, I have to wait until I file my Form AW2-5 Declaration of Intent with the Texas Secretary of State in November. Facebook won't approve my page until they can verify, through the public record, that I am a candidate.

VOLUNTEER your skills and your time to help organize rallies all around the state; obtain signed petitions to get my name on the ballot and the American Citizen Party recognized by the State; serve on the Board of Directors of "Friends of Bob McNeil", a fundraising non-profit corporation, yet to be formed (there must be at least three (3) Directors on the Board);

DONATE money to the campaign, but, not yet. Until "Friends of Bob McNeil" is created and its bank account established, I have no mechanism to receive donations. Besides, all donations must be carefully documented and accounted for to comply with the complex campaign finance laws. And, just so you know, I already have a consultant who specializes in Federal Election Commission filings.

So, if you are ready for TRUE citizen representation in Congress, get ready to vote Bob McNeil for U.S. Senate on November 6, 2018.

Thank you,

Bob McNeil