A Special Message

to the

"Millennial Generation"

Welcome to my website and my campaign for U.S. Senator from Texas!

If there is one thing I'd like to impress upon you, it is that the ideas and solutions presented here affect YOUR future in a positive way.

My primary mission is to introduce legislation to repeal both the corporate and individual income taxes that rob ALL Americans of their liberty and prosperity....and have done so for more than 100 years.

Abolishing the corporate tax will lead to lower operating costs and higher profits for every small business and major company in America, which will result in more jobs, higher wages and valuable benefits to help you clear the path to a successful future.

Abolishing the individual income tax will eliminate withholding of taxes from your paycheck, relieve you of the burden of filling out a tax return, remove the overarching fear of the IRS from your lives and, most importantly, increase your take-home pay by 15% to 35% (depending on your particular tax bracket).

Imagine living your life as the Founding Fathers intended - free to bring home your earnings to spend, save, invest, and give away to charity.....as YOU choose.

But, Bob, how will America pay for roads, eliminate poverty, educate our children, etc.?

First, those are State, not Federal, functions.

Second, the economic activity generated by removing $2 TRILLION from Washington, D.C. and reallocating it to the local and State economies will be taxed to pay for those items.

Third, the taxation of that local economic activity will be done by methods approved by YOU, which means you will have more control over how you are taxed, and how those tax dollars are spent.

As you can see, my vision, and plan, is to create for you, and ALL Americans, a freer and wealthier future than is currently possible under the policies supported by the current members of Congress.

So, I encourage you to spend time reading my "Bio" page and viewing the pictures on the "Life of Bob" page. I think you will find we have have more in common than you might imagine.

Study the "Issues" and solutions I propose. All of the seemingly huge problems you/we face today are solvable when they are broken down into smaller pieces.

Read my "Blog" as the campaign gains momentum and I discuss the issues of the day.

"Subscribe" with your name and email to receive my blogs, as well as timely information.

I encourage you to "Donate" money to my campaign. There are millions of you, and donations of $25 or more will add up quickly. The Republicans and Democrats have a well-oiled machine in place to raise campaign funds. Let's work together to surpass them.

Finally, on November 6, 2018, VOTE for Bob McNeil for U.S. Senator from Texas!