Every problem facing America today is solvable, but, it is clear that the Democrats, Republicans and the bureaucrats in Washington, D.C. lack the will to solve them. It is time for the millions of free-thinking, freedom-loving Americans to join forces, cast off the two-party system, and elect American Citizen Party candidates to public office at every level of government to restore our nation to its Founding Principles and its intended greatness.

During my 40-year career as a corporate audit consultant to some the world's largest companies, it was my job to analyze my clients' operations, identify problems, and propose REAL solutions to end them. I used that experience to develop solutions for America based on the Constitution, sound accounting principles and economic law.  Please set aside some time to review my solutions and comments regarding the following issues and compare them to those put forth by the other Senatorial candidates.

Then vote Bob McNeil for U.S. Senator from Texas on November 6, 2018.